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Since 1993, Robles, Bracken, & Hughes, PLLC has served its clients with the utmost dedication and respect. We take pride in knowing that each of our clients and their cases are unique and important. We are trial attorneys and will defend each case through trial.

Areas of Practices

Personal Injury Defense

Personal injury lawsuits are serious matters. We defend individuals and companies accused of causing injuries through their negligence.

Medical Malpractice Defense

Our medical malpractice defense lawyers defend doctors, other medical professionals, and their practices against all types of medical malpractice injury claims. Our lawyers stand behind and support our community’s physicians, mental health professionals, dentists, nurses, nurse practitioners, and clinics.

Employment Law

We help employers design and implement workforce strategies aimed at minimizing litigation risk. Our team represents multinational, domestic, and public sector employees of all sizes. We represent our clients before administrative and government agencies, judges, and juries.

Commercial Trucking Defense

Our lawyers have experience in successfully defending commercial trucking accident cases. Unlike typical automobile accident cases, trucking accidents can result in significant damages so our clients typically involve us within days, or hours, of a commercial vehicle accident to consult and investigate serious injury claims.

Texas Medical Board Complaint Defense

We have successfully defended doctors and nurses in board matters involving a host of complex medical issues including allegations of misdiagnosis, medication errors, nursing errors, surgical errors, post-operative complications, labor and delivery, interpretation of diagnostic studies, pathological interpretation, management of antibiotic therapy, etc.

Appellate Law

In addition to litigating and trying cases, we also handle civil appeals. We can assist you if you need an appellate court to review a lower court’s decision or judgement.

Premises Liability Defense

When accidents occur on your property, home, or business, these can result in significant liability against you or your company.

Product Liability Defense

We can defend product liability claims brought against businesses including manufacturers of consumer goods, motor vehicles, or heavy equipment manufacturers.

Insurance Defense

Our trial lawyers have defended insurance providers in cases involving large losses, coverage disputes, commercial insurance, general liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages, bad faith, extra-contractual liability, and other first party insurance claims.

Why Choose Us

At Robles, Bracken and Hughes, PLLC we take our clients and their cases seriously.

For over 30 years, we have been striving to maintain a relationship of trust with each of our clients. Our firm has experienced and knowledgeable trial attorneys, who look forward to defending our clients in the courtroom. 

We understand that each case and client is unique, and for that reason we tailor our defense to best suit the individual needs of each client. 

Our team will work to ensure you are well-represented as we guide you through the life of your legal matter.

With Robles, Bracken & Hughes, you can have peace of mind knowing that your case is being handled by experienced trial lawyers who value their reliability and dedication to excellence.

Our Attorneys

Chris Borunda

| Partner

Mark A. Bracken

| Partner

Paul M. Bracken

| Of Counsel

Noel R. Gattis

| Partner

Clifford R. Jessup

| Partner

Joshua Murphy

| Associate

Angela M. Nickey

| Partner

Ruben S. Robles

| Of Counsel

José C. Vega Jr.

| Partner

Rogelio Morales

| Partner

Angela Nickey

Linda Samples

| Partner

Angela Nickey

Loretta Hewitt

| Partner